I’ll take you to za candy shob!





I think im going to be back blogging.i’ve been on bloggers block hahaha n-ways sheno taboon ow ana 7a’9ir this is suppose to be a funplace where faces smile xoxox

posting soon
get out!

Lets be Honest! (Dr.Sambousa-non licensed)

For once in our lives lets take a close look at our selfs and be honest. Do you like the person your becoming? are you satisfied? are you living a lie ? Sambousa says stop NOW! EMBRACE ur self and spread ur wings and fly ! go hit that tree and die !

Birdy go die !

review Rasha chic

Wow,WHERE DO I BEGIN? Yesterday we decided to got to Rasha chic fashion show at her boutique bil bidi3.I have no idea what to say honestly,I’ll nass athwaq lakin I don’t think illy shifta yo3tabar fashion show,the poor models looked like Casper the friendly ghost from the white foundation,they looked like walking ceramic statues with the feathery,cheap,nylon fabrics used in what she calls “I’ll wa7eed min no3a”
Akeed I’ll wa7eed, who would re-make a sad piece of crap like that? The hair dues,makeup we just DISASTEROUS! If I could snap a picture I would…bas ishthamb my phone maskeeen 😦 The clothes were disaterous and a crime in the name of fashion! Fashion police arrest her before our poor eyes see people actually wearing her rags!gurrl you need to scratch the chic and replace it with freak cuz that’s how a persons guna look like!! Prices range from 400-1000+ btw

Huumm you likey??

I took this picture….wala madry mita bas I did…I love the way it turned out! Its so satisfying when you look at it,takes me right back to when I sliced the grapefruit,I remember it oh so vividly!

My Hannah Montana book

I think its in me to just act like a child when it comes to Arabic because in my defense I’m taking Arabic for year 7 when I’m in year 12..sad I know but at least I’m learning more then I used to! Thank you AFL for making my life easier!!! Alifon,ba2oon,ta2oon,tha2oon 🙂


Delicious,scrumptious and downright CHEESEY this wonderful casserole of mac and cheese was one of the great things we’ve cooked during home ec this year! I must say that although I didn’t think it was cheesy enough and I added some parmesan cheese on my share of this American classic that our dish was really delectable and tickled my taste buds in every right spot! This concoction is sure to be saved in my brain and then remade for a family gathering ow some other occasion! I’ll keep you guys posted on every other thing we make in home ec….If and if being the keyword here,its not an abomination 😉