Farfish ishwaya ow insaw ihmoomkoom bebeez:)

I decided a long time ago to forget about how life gets me down and start being positive and smile to the world and try and find the silver lining of everything bad and build on it……………YEAH PPL I KNOW LIFE SUCKS…ow malayto min il bait ow makoo mokan itro7oon ow blah blah blah blah but your making it worse for yourselves find something to do mu lazim you head to the malls..call up your friends buy an illegal burned movie (1-3kd) don’t skimp on the quality you want a clear movie…put some popcorn in the microwave and enjoy..minha fun ow minha tawfeer hehehehehehe

posting soon,
get out!++


6 Responses to “Farfish ishwaya ow insaw ihmoomkoom bebeez:)”

  1. loveguru Says:

    Kaaaaaaaak love the idea..”Illegal movie” lmao 😉

    • sambousa Says:

      hehe la tara it is illegal bas i7na ma5theenra7atna bil q8……yuba a7amshay u watch a clear movie ow bas ++

  2. dalooola Says:

    Hehehehehe yeah 7ada 😉 loving ur mood:)

  3. dalooola Says:

    Hey! I did that email laman I was in year 5..ow I like it!! 😉

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