Like many I suffer from chronic boredom at times, like a few I decide to do something about it. This time I concocted a drink that leads to total …FA9LA!! Be warned that this drink is high in caffeine (loads of it) and that the possible side effects are many that include but are not limited to :vomiting, uncontrollable shaking and a massive headache /hangover. I am my own lab rat and after trying this with a couple of friends I see no harm in spreading the legal funJ
You will need:
1 large spoon of nesquick
2 large spoons of Nescafe(regular)
3 tablets of sweet and low or any other artificial sweetener
2 large heaped spoons of sweetened condensed milk
Shwaya hot water to emulsify the ingredients

And there you have it………
Warning :due to repulsive taste quickly gulp down rather then sip,
Its time to go wild kids FI9LAW BEBEEEEEEEEZ

Posting soon,
Get out!!


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