Meet Mr.Sambousa++

isnt he a keeper?

isnt he a keeper?

This is Mr.sambousa,
you’ll be seeing Mr.sambousa when there are any anouncements about the blog++

posting soon,
Get out!!


6 Responses to “Meet Mr.Sambousa++”

  1. Emma Says:

    wala a7la kalam 9a7 elsaanik ya sambousa and u are right abt love media exagerates who will find like mohand and noor story

  2. emma Says:

    ana ib9ar7a tizawajt wa7id nafs mohanad mashalla 3alay:)

  3. emma Says:

    sambousa 7abait hal blog……9ij dish ow farfish:*******

  4. sambousa Says:

    mashkoora? bas tara ti5arba6t fee 2 emmas? pick another random name:)

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