Sambousa discovers the wonders of yogurt++

Sambousa gives this a two thumbs up++

Sambousa gives this a two thumbs up++

Yogurt? You like it with fruits, you like it with rice, but have you ever thought of yogurt on your face? Well let me tell you bebeeez this milk fortified with bacteria does wonders for your skin. For those who suffer from dark circles under your eyes to bebeez that have blemishes ,this natural cows gift will return you to your beautiful ,vibrant self. So take sambousas advice ditch those creams and slather on some cold fresh yogurt wait for 10 minutes then wash away with water….you wont regret it;)
This post doesnt exclude males…dude if your reading this you could use some yougurt,lock your room no one will be watching;)

posting soon++
get out!!


2 Responses to “Sambousa discovers the wonders of yogurt++”

  1. dalooola Says:

    Hehehe yeah 7ada I’m gunna try the “yogurt facial” bas I really hate the way it smells :s

    • sambousa Says:

      hehe i have a trick for that,itha u dont like the smell just mix it with rose water (mai ward ow mai zaher) ow ib chithee u delt with the smell…or you could always close your nose…u know what they say …”beauty is pain” honey++

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