Sambousa heads to the golf corse++

sambousa-professional golfer? NAH!

sambousa-professional golfer? NAH!

This is coach Cliff, he teaches golf at 9a7ara,it’s the first golf coarse I’ve seen in Kuwait. That place was gorgeous and very very green (something were not used to seeing in q8;)). Since I have never tried golf in my life beforeI asked the Brady bunch (the sambousa clan) to join. Of coarse I had to beg and grovel however it seemed to work and we were in the golf cart going to our destination the golf field. Turns out being a golfer isn’t as easy as it looks. Coach Cliff was pretty cool he went through the steps from the grip to the way you stand and after many MANY FAILED ATTEMPS some of us actually hit the tiny ball of the pin.I must say even though I have pulled many muscles in my upper arm and looked like a complete idiot swinging as hard as I can and missing time after time that I enjoyed my time a lot, I may not be the future Tiger Woods but at least that’s one more thing I can add to my repertoire……what do you have to add?

Posting soon++
get out!!


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