Sambousa is suffering;'(

ana min 6abayt libnan ive been getting these really bad rashes on my body,mum says its from the weather and plants, I say thats BULL.
so i did my own experiament to see what really causes this mysterious rash of mine.
day 1:only ate nuts….to see if this inceased my rash…(no that wasnt it)
day 2:only sat indoors avoiding going outside to see if freash air and plants was really the issue (that wasnt it)
day 3:i realized that i got the rash at around the same time around 3pm? humm interesting

at this point i honestly fail to find any conclusion to this ongoing rash battle i have…..

posting soon++
5et out!!! (i ment the “5”)


2 Responses to “Sambousa is suffering;'(”

  1. Seeker Says:

    loving your blog grl :*
    grl u need to learn more about hammana your rash is from the bed sheets !! change’em and put’em out in the sun if there was any sun . something is in there u cant see !!!

    • sambousa Says:

      hehehela i went to the doc,,,turns out its from t’3yer il jaw mu from the bedsheets illy margret washes EVERY 4 DAYS! cuz ma iy’3ob illa laman im out 🙂

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