sambousa is furious+++

sambousa is mad.....real mad

sambousa is mad.....real mad

Today my 7 year old brother came back from an errand with the driver looking quite perplexed and puzzled, I asked him the reason for his awkward silence …
The story turns out the driver was asking my innocent angelic brother what the word F*** meant,
My brother told him that he only knew that it was a bad word and that the driver shouldn’t repeat it, the driver goes on by saying I know it’s a bad word but what does it mean? my brother answers “roo7 shoof filim ow I’3ra il tarjama” now that I have established that the driver is a bit not right in the head and that he has tarnished my brothers brain forever I shall see to firing his sorry ass and replacing him with someone that is mentally stable and will not ask children about filthy cuss words in the future.


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