A really REALLY random poem…for you bebeez:)

Life is full of shit,
So just forget about it and put it in a ditch,
You never know why things happen,
But that’s why you end up most of the time nappin’,
Do you know why people use deodorant?
To stop the stench that lies in their pits,
Just though I should pop that inJ
You are a fruit,
If its not your season, early picked, you are sour,
At the right time you are sweet, flavorful my dear fellows,
I love food but common who doesn’t?
On a more serious note who lost someone they love?
If you have then I’m sorry for you,
I know its these topics that make us blue,
But don’t worry death is just the beginning,
Their in a better place now, look up bettchya they’re smiling,
It’s the last moment with them that rewinds through your head,
What they were wearing, what they were saying,. What you could have said,
Sometimes you try and erase the face from your head,
that’s harder done then said,
Life is just one big puppet show,
Your being judged on every move every thought, every flaw,
How long do you think your going to live?
50? 60? 70? Maybe but that’s it,
So try and make the years count,
Until one day from this ugly world your out.
Lets take a moment and thing about gays?
Why the f*** do men think they’re females,
Why women pretend to be macho like males!
I prefer those questions unanswered…hopefully one day they’ll realize,
That mind body and soul are intertwined,
And what you think reflects on your body and soul.
Now this is no way I want to end a poem…be happy my bebeez life is stellar!!!

posting soon++
get out!!


2 Responses to “A really REALLY random poem…for you bebeez:)”

  1. Charmbracelet..N~ Says:

    Very random, yes! Really cuute tho=* loved it

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