sambousa just wont tan!!!!

Okay, I’m white, I’ve got nothing against being white however I am the kind of person that likes change. So I decided to tan up a bit, shake things up a little get a kiss from the sun…maybe a makeout?! So my sisters and I plus my nutty friend decided to go to this place called Watergate. Turns out this “amazing” water park that got amazing reviews from everyone we asked about a place to swim and have fun was nothing but a tiny amusement park that was connected to a hotel that had five rides in total and two swimming pools. The day didn’t go to waste, I didn’t mind the narrow space because as far as I was concerned it was like I was in Baywatch, the lifeguards were HOT HOT HOT! Moving on we slathered ourselves with tanning oil and fried ourselves in the sun for an hour or so, as we got up to admire our new colors I realized that I didn’t get any darker, not ever one shade darker!!! I didn’t even have any sun block on either. I ended up with really red eyes and a bad headache but hey at least I got to g o on those rides (ignore the inner optimist it sucked ass!!)

posting soon,
get out!!


2 Responses to “sambousa just wont tan!!!!”

  1. Charmbracelet..N~ Says:

    aaaw, sorry babe =/ i wanna see the lifeguards!!! =O

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