It was one of those family outings and Sara was super excited because all her family were going to her favorite restaurant “Chilies”.In no time they were already parked,seated and ready to order.Sara excused herself to go to the bathroom.In the bathroom a nasty girl named Laura finished her business and didn’t wash her hands and left (the significance of this piece of info will be shown later) Sara washed her hands and opened the door and left the bathroom going back to her seat.She took her phone and started bbming.A funny picture appeared in a link she felt that it was her obligation to share the funny image with her beloved family of 3 sitting around the table.The phone was passed to dad then mom and after seconds of whining ofcorse to her annoying brother Abduallah.Oh wow! The food arrived everyone was ravenous so they all digged in and savagely ate the appetizers…PAUSE this is a scenario I run through my mind every time I enter a resurant.You see my dear readers poor Sara didn’t know that although she washed her hands that not all people do so and when she opened the bathroom door some traces of urine…although microscopic was left behind on Saras hand…the urine was transferred on to her bb which was passed all around the table to her beloved family which now have traces of urine on their hands which they used to eat with and that is how SARAS FAMILY INGESTED LAURAS URINE 🙂 now I KNOW nobody likes nachos,boneless buffalo wings or some bread with urine so whenever you walk into a restaurants bathroom…think twice before you leave:) I say this because I love you and because if your related to me I don’t want some urine on my food 🙂 beware of Lauras out there because unfortunately there are many!!! I’m no germaphobe and I’m far from that I just urge you all to take your precautions!!


4 Responses to “BAD LAURA”

  1. dreamer Says:

    laa laa yabeelha 9afgaa il salfa !! :p 9ar adventure kila min laura and her pee :p

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