I must say that this year I have been blessed to have an amazing physics teacher! Regardless of her many MANY failed attempt to teach us about displacement delta X and Y we never seem to give a rats ass (as naturally you would too) In my defense its last block which usually means we’re tried and just want to go back home to sleep :(.This class really releases ur inner naughtiness! A list of things we do during pyzoid class:
1)Dance disco style on a retarded hanna montana song (keep in mind this is seniors I’m talking about ey!)
2)Ask the teacher for gum (which she gladly shares)
3)Read some nasty erotic blogs
4)Share the contents of the nasty blog with the teacher and fellow class mates
5)Bbming…opening a bbm link with something nasty and start laughing
6)Sharing the contents of that animated nastiness with poor old teacher
7)Having other people do my test for me
8)Teacher finding out and suggests that we at least pay for that service
9)Tweaking our grades form D’s to A’s (in my case a D to a B-)
10)asking the teacher nasty questions which she tries to answer in a diplomatic way but then gives in to our whining!!

I must say that this teacher is one of my top 3 favorite educators of all time!! I conclude by saying that girls and boys if you go to school,uni or whatever it may be…don’t hate ur educators, no…EMBRACE THEM !!!



  1. samba xox Says:

    HAHAHAAAA abee a teacher nafs maltkoum…=D

  2. AD Says:

    Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak i swear the best teacher ever 3asallah iytamim 3alayha inshallah

  3. Tamousi Says:

    LOL! awesome teach. ur post made me pee my pants man!! =P keep it up!!! *supporter*

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