Delicious,scrumptious and downright CHEESEY this wonderful casserole of mac and cheese was one of the great things we’ve cooked during home ec this year! I must say that although I didn’t think it was cheesy enough and I added some parmesan cheese on my share of this American classic that our dish was really delectable and tickled my taste buds in every right spot! This concoction is sure to be saved in my brain and then remade for a family gathering ow some other occasion! I’ll keep you guys posted on every other thing we make in home ec….If and if being the keyword here,its not an abomination 😉


4 Responses to “MAC and CHEESE”

  1. tamousi Says:

    LOL! Looks awesome!! Ur posts make me smell and taste and feel whatever ur talking about!! U have an amazing way of putting things! =)

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