review Rasha chic

Wow,WHERE DO I BEGIN? Yesterday we decided to got to Rasha chic fashion show at her boutique bil bidi3.I have no idea what to say honestly,I’ll nass athwaq lakin I don’t think illy shifta yo3tabar fashion show,the poor models looked like Casper the friendly ghost from the white foundation,they looked like walking ceramic statues with the feathery,cheap,nylon fabrics used in what she calls “I’ll wa7eed min no3a”
Akeed I’ll wa7eed, who would re-make a sad piece of crap like that? The hair dues,makeup we just DISASTEROUS! If I could snap a picture I would…bas ishthamb my phone maskeeen 😦 The clothes were disaterous and a crime in the name of fashion! Fashion police arrest her before our poor eyes see people actually wearing her rags!gurrl you need to scratch the chic and replace it with freak cuz that’s how a persons guna look like!! Prices range from 400-1000+ btw


2 Responses to “review Rasha chic”

  1. Dana Says:

    haha shalla 7adich you go there;o

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