The Sambousa

Sambousa? I know whats with the name right? wallah madri.I was gunna comment on a blog once and the first name that popped into my brain was sambousa…random i know.I’m a very straight forward person,now that i mention it i actually realized i dont like sambousas that much,i find them greasy XD hehehe fa anywhooz i honestly have NO IDEA what im doing….however i do know that this blog will be a major source of entertainment to those who read it (hopefully) i do expect feedback though the good and the bad:) yallah chaw chaw

get out!!!!


7 Responses to “The Sambousa”

  1. Emma Says:

    A7la blog oo 3ajabni samboussa part

  2. Seeker Says:

    loving it ,7ada u

  3. perfection Says:

    mn dashet wil blog was shouting ur name !;p
    9ij 9ij it’s So YOU !
    i love it, i love it !
    keep it going babe,

  4. sambousa Says:

    looool everyone is like 7ada u:) i try and make my readers happy 🙂
    ps.i miss u like crazy

  5. bdoora Says:

    Wow nice blog mshlla 😉 keep it up .. Smbosa lol

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